First Norwegian Sunday

The pace of life is much more relaxed than I’m used to. Instead of being at church around 8am to prepare for worship, Tim and I arrived at 10:15. This worked well, as we hadn’t got home from a church social / fund raising party for a mission trip until gone midnight!

This was my first experience of a Norwegian (Norske Kirke) service. I was greeted by the priest Leif, who speaks good English, but as would be expected, everything else was in Norwegian. Much of the liturgy was easily recognizable, although, unusually, there was no communion. I could pick out the gist of some of the sermon with help from Tim. Singing in Norwegian seemed easier than trying to speak it.

Tracy led her church in the morning, but we all enjoyed time together in the afternoon and unusually no one was out for evening worship.

Below are pictures of Bjerkreim church where Tim is the organist. It’s a wooden building about 150 years old with an almost new, and very lovely tracker action organ. I was invited to play for a hymn but declined (reasons in a later post).


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