The Valley

Below is a not very good quality panorama of the valley where I am currently staying. It is quite isolated, but compared to a hundred years ago it’s not a problem to get here. You used to have to take a ferry up a lake, then drive some very precarious and avalanche / landslide prone roads.

It’s the start of spring, so the local farmers are busy lambing and muck spreading. The weather is variable – bright sunshine and snow showers. The picture was taken on a walk with Tim and Tracy and their dogs Tune and Fudge. It involved crossing the river on a rather ‘interesting’ foot suspension bridge, one at a time and avoiding the holes and rotting planks.

Click the picture for a larger version which can also be magnified and scrolled to see more detail. It’s difficult to really capture the scale and grandeur of the landscape!


3 responses to “The Valley

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  2. that does not look like Georgetown!

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