The travel begins.

An hour to Charleston, then 9 hours by Amtrak to Washington. My first train journey in the US and it was nearly full. I can recommend sitting in the dining car – bigger windows, a table and OK coffee, although sadly not the silver service which one chorister had mentioned.

Two days in Washington gave me chance to catch up with dear friends Andy, Kitty and the boys (always high energy). Pictures below include warm-up for a gurning competition, and a visit to Mount Vernon (home of George Washington  and his grist mill / distillery).


One response to “Washington

  1. Kathy Dawson(soon to be Barnes). ; )

    Jonathan, I am so enjoying your journal
    and pictures. I found very interesting the
    picture of the goats with the sheep(Biblically)
    : )
    Also, I noticed that in many of your photos
    taken in flight the tail of a plane was visible.
    Did you actually fly that close to another
    plane, or is that the plane you were on?
    Couldn’t figure that out! Ha Ha! ; )

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