Everyday Life

Today I had some lessons in everyday living. This included:

Shopping. The largest supermarkets are like a small Foodlion (US), large Coop (UK): there is nothing on the scale of Walmart or ASDA. Most items are recognizable, but differentiating types of flour, etc required some explanation.

Driving. As in the US and most of Europe, we drive on the right. However having had nearly five years of driving an automatic car, the transition back to ‘stick shift’ took a little time (and I need to apologize to the gear box – eek!).

Sorry, no pictures today – Rema1000 is not very photogenic, and I’m hoping not to receive any pictures from the Norwegian Police or their speed camera network. The national speed limit of 80 seems quite fast, except it’s km/h, so that’s  actual 50mph.

However, I have added a couple of pictures to The Valley.


10 responses to “Everyday Life

  1. Great blog dude – and some great pictures!!! Praying for you.

  2. George Mueller

    Jonathon – Lauren sent us a copy of your blog – super! Really enjoying following your travel from South Carolina to you new home in Norway. Especially interested in the organ and seeing the pictures of the instruments, the church interior, and the beautiful surrounding valley, and other areas. Appreciate your sharing this with us. George M.

  3. Jon we miss you!!! Lee
    ps where’s the snow?

    • Arctic Organist

      The snow is on the top of the mountains, although yesterday it snowed on and off, so some laid at ‘ground’ level, but it’s gone again now, replaced by rain – rather grey.

  4. Jon,
    Returning home I asked Sarah what Norway was like – this is just what we were hoping for! Keep it up. Thanks, Becky

  5. Jon… So glad you are doing this!

  6. i am soooo sorry i didn’t get to say goodbye!! i hate goodbyes anyway, so i will just look forward to some excuse to visit the arctic circle someday 🙂 may God bless your new ministry!! -mindy

  7. God bless Jon. Enjoyed seeing and hearing about you new life. Marty Tennant

  8. The Valley pictures are amazing. I can imagine them making Viking ships to launch down by the waters. It truly is an epic landscape. Look forward to winter images

    • Arctic Organist

      Thanks Jim. I’ve been telling my friends about your amazing harp playing – a real aid to devotion.

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