I Trust In You Alone

Tonight I did some work on the  recording we started with the band in the US. As I prepare to travel to Finnsnes and probably well outside my comfort zone, I was struck by the words of the song I Trust In You. It’s strange because whilst I wrote it, the Lord was challenging me through it – will I trust Him completely?

I trust in You alone, I trust in You alone,
when all around me fades away, I’ll trust in  You.
I trust in You alone, I know Your way is true,
whate’er You ask of me, give me the faith to follow You.

Help me to lay aside the crutch of what I own,
to trust in You alone for daily needs:
and may my treasure be, hid with You on high:
purest gold refined, safe from thief and mold.

I want to be awake, to hear my master’s voice,
in the dark watches of this world’s night.
To stay alert for You, ready to move,
as Your Spirit leads, leads me on.

And when at last I tread, my final journey home,
I want to see your face, as I pass through death to life.
To hear You say “well done, good and faithful one,
your life was lived for Me, now live eternally.”

The recording isn’t finished yet, but if you want to hear a provisional version, click below:

or Click Here.

And here is the sheet music.

Finally, People of the Arctic, you probably think I’m making a fuss, and I know that people have lived there for thousands of years, but it’s still an adventure!


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