It’s A Hard Life

Life here is very hard!

For the second day I have had to sit in the kitchen suffering warm sunshine as I look out at the snow capped mountains with the first signs of spring showing in the budding trees and attempt to work. Ah well, someone has to do it.

Actually, it’s my last day here before flying north. We had a short trip with the dogs, to the lake further down the valley. The wind blows down the valley at speed, so it was quite cool, but non the less enjoyable to get outside.

I’ve been for my first solo drive: an hour and a half round trip to collect one of the children from school.

Word about this site seems to be spreading quickly with nearly 3000 visits in two days! I need to apologize to those friends who didn’t even know we are moving, and have found out in such an impersonal way. Our life has been rather hectic for the last few months and I suspect we may have dropped some communication balls. Sorry.

The church in Finnsnes has a busy weekend lined up with a meal to met staff tomorrow, their International Culture Cafe on Saturday, and Worship followed by the annual parish meeting on Sunday, when I will get to meet a lot of people and be introduced. That will be the first time I’ll be completely on my own, so I value your prayers!

And now for more pictures (the dog is a labradoddle – Fudge):


One response to “It’s A Hard Life

  1. We are missing your beautiful music at Prince George… Nancy Bourne (Elsie’s sister)

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