No Riot

I’m pleased  to report that the installation, playing and removal of drums in church went smoothly and there was no hint of rioting! The concert was in aid of Cafe Plus, a project helping drug addicts, run jointly by the church and the kommune (town council). The audience of several hundred enjoying soloists and bands, young and old, and the offering at the end raise 18000 nkr (about $3100).

After the concert came the Internasjonal kulturkafe , with food from many nations, much of it prepared by people at the refugee center in Finnsnes. It is very popular here. I enjoyed curry, chapatti, samosas and cake – a real treat. I also met more people including a choir member in his 80’s who still runs relief aid trips to Russia, as well as traveling the globe. It’s great discovering the ways in which Christian’s here are sharing the love of Christ in practical ways.

I need an alarm clock (having only a couple of hours of darkness is confusing me), but I was too late today, as almost all the shops here close at 2pm on Saturday. So, the rest of the afternoon was spent playing the organ. It really is lovely to play and I’m getting the hang of the ‘reverse’ layout. Unfortunately I didn’t bring any recording equipment, but if I can borrow some, I make recordings.

Sorry no pictures today.


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