Sunday Walk

Sunday seemed very strange: worship today was at 5pm, so I had most of the day to fill. After a slow start, I walked to church to play the organ for a couple of hours. The snow is slowly melting here and the roads and pavements (sidewalks) are most clear of snow and ice, but everywhere there are piles of snow. The pile at the edge of the church car park is probably 10′!

My walk passes what I assumed was sheltered housing or an old people’s home, and I have been wondering why there was windsock outside (maybe it is so that old people don’t get blown away in the winter!). However, this afternoon I found out it’s true nature as an air ambulance swooped in, unloaded a casualty and the flew out again. It turns out that the old people’s home is in fact a hospital. There are pictures at the end of this post.

When it finally came to time for worship, it was a baptism service. The young man being baptised was 15 (I think). After worship came the Årsmøtet (annual church meeting) which lasted almost 4 hours! I am coming to appreciate that Norwegians are very patient people. There was a short break from the business for some music, drama, coffee and cake. The drama performed by the young people was particularly outstanding. In mime they portrayed a young woman tempted in various ways and becoming more trapped in sin and further from the Lord, until she finally comes to Christ. This does not adequately describe it and if I can get pictures or a video I’ll post them. In the midst of the church meeting it made me realize again that everything the church does must be focused on the Lord, and His Great Commission.


4 responses to “Sunday Walk

  1. Jon, I am loving your posts and checking in every couple of days. What an adventure you are on! The organ looks wonderful from the pictures. Karen

  2. Looks like a beautiful place, I hope things are starting to settle in for you, Jon. The flat pedalboard would feel very odd.

    Love the photos.

    Robert Manuel

    • Arctic Organist

      Hi Robert. Turns out that the pedal board in Finnsnes is slightly concave, but straight, although the ‘black notes’ are shaped, so it’s not too much of a stretch. Good to hear from you.

      • Robert Manuel

        Well, that’s good. It looks like a great parish from the posts and I am sure you will bless many more there with your talent in music ministry leadership. I know that you are going to be missed. My dad says that Sarah is doing a great job. I’ll bet you need good blinds on your windows to keep a sense of time with your body clock, at least that is what I have seen in movies depicting people who live in that kind of environment.

        Please keep in touch, your blog is great!


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