At first slight, one might wonder what strange Norwegian word PiBi might be? It turns out to be Pizza and Bible – the weekly meeting of the older youth at Finnsnes Church. Tonight 10 of us gathered at the home of Frank (Youth Pastor) and Ruth-Astrid (Senior Pastor) for said eating and study. The pizza element combines two national traditions (transposed from Saturday to Wednesday): Pizza and Tacos. This was the first time I had eat taco pizza, which actually works.  After eating we sang in English then Bible study continued mostly in Norwegian. I am slowly understanding more words. Below are pictures of the group.

Today I also enjoyed more organ practice. For those who are interested, I have been told that the instrument is designed in the tonal style of a French baroque organ. The Great has a magnificent Trumpet stop which is very rich and I have been experimenting with some wholly inauthentic registrations just because I like the sound!

Having had a couple of days of uncertainty about some ‘official’ things, there have been some good outcomes, and as an extra encouragement, someone told me today of a dream that God had given before Christmas about our coming to Finnsnes.

And finally here are a couple of pictures taken at midnight. My camera isn’t very good at accurate low light shots, but you can see it there is quite a bit of light now.


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