The Melt

The big thaw is now well under way. My walk to and from work is accompanied by the sound of running water, the piles of now are now considerably smaller, and comparing photos from last weekend to today, even the snow on the mountains is reducing. As a result, mud is everywhere, and paths that were good shortcuts in the snow are slimy and slippery. Today was much cloudier too and gave at least the impression of being colder.

I’ve had more firsts. Todsdag Klub (Thursday Club) is a dropping open youth club for teens and about 80 young people came through during the evening. I spent time talking with some of the youth, including a very talented and articulate young lady who draws comic books and and a young man studying to be a mechanic. As part of the evening there is Time Out; a short Bible devotion with a song and time to pray quietly.  The leaders have a real passion for the young people to come to know Christ.

Today I played for my first funeral and was welcomed to the international Bible study where we read some of Jesus words at the last supper (John 13: 31 – 36). We discussed what it meant to glorify God as we seek to do His will, and the special nature of Christian love, which should be the hallmark of Church. I am very glad that last year Paul Fuener so clearly taught on this in Men’s Bible study.

Now I am off the help with MILK (MIni Leders Kurs) which wont finish until after midnight. Along but exciting day.


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