Home From Home

Whilst I’m under no illusions that there will be many challenges ahead, Finnsnes now feel like home. Actually it only seemed to take 3 or 4 days. The transition was probably made easier by arriving to clear blue shies and sunshine, even if was only just above freezing.

Maybe it is human nature to look for the familiar in strange places. I thought that there would be nothing  here in common with South Carolina, but on my first day I found it: the steel works! It’s not actually in Finnsnes, bur I can see it from my kitchen window (picture below). I also noticed that whilst I can’t look out of the church windows to see palm trees, there are Yukka plants in a couple of the windows. Today I had other reminders of past homes, this time  in England. First it rained (cold drizzle), and then out of the corner of my eye I spotted a red phone box! Maybe I had walked past it before, or perhaps it had previously been buried under snow. Either way it was a surprise. (Picture below). By the way, the red plastic pole is one of thousands used to mark the esge of the road during the winter snows.

This afternoon and evening were spent with the MILK group (MIni Leaders Kurs) – young people from several churches being trained to take responsibility for various church activities.

Tomorrow I will play my first parish service, including 3 baptisms, and eight hymns! Of course it’s all in Norwegian, so hopefully I will play in the right places.

Oh – now it’s snowing.


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