May 1st & Tromsø Trip

I wrote previously about Cake and Coffee. Well from now on I might need to add a daily indicator of the amount consumed / occasions for consumption.

Tuesday May 1st started reasonably healthily with a walk to work in the fresh snow (see picture of icicles, etc). At 10am we had a really good service, including a guest choir (see pictures of rehearsal). This was followed by Cake and Coffee at church, which was in turn a prelude to more Cake and Coffee at the home of Kjell (another organist and choir master). Then after a short break, it was on to the home of another new friend (Charles) and his family for a hot meal and more Cake and Coffee. So a 3C&C day – not bad. To round off we went to hear the local youth gospel choir and band play a concert in the ferry terminal.

Today I went to get a social security number, which amongst other things is  key to getting paid, getting a bank account, paying taxes and receiving your post. The rules changed recently, so instead of getting it on the spot at a local office, it now required a day trip to Tromsø, and the number will arrive by post in about a month.

The day began with the fast boat journey from Finnsnes to Tromsø. The boat is a catermaran, with airline / train style seating and a smooth quick ride (about 80 minutes). Sadly low cloud and rain rather spoilt the views

The actual application process only took about 10 minutes, so I about 5 hours to look around the city. I don’t think I saw it at its best as there was sleet and snow all day and with the wind chill it felt freezing.

There are several things Tromsø  is know for, including the worlds most northerly brewery,it’s ski jump, and the ‘Arctic Cathedral’.

I walked over the bridge to the Arctic Cathedral, which is not actually the cathedral, but a parish church. It was a rather cold 40 minute round trip, only to find that it was closed for a funeral. The bridge must take a beating during the winter and it felt disconcertingly springy see (picture of rust).

I also visited Polaria, a polar aquarium, complete with bearded seals and a panoramic cinema showing stunning footage of Northern Norway and the North Lights.

The boat ride home was ‘interesting’. There was about 50 children / youth who use it as their ‘school bus’, so it was noisy with things being thrown, etc. On reflection, may be they need to introduce a discipline policy like UK bus drives have: behave or you’ll have to get off and have to walk home (or in this case, walk the plank and swim).

Today was a 2C&C day.

Finally, I should mention that my predecessor in Finnsnes, Christopher Briggs, has found this blog and written a very informative follow-up to my Babel 101 post.

For the panoramic pictures, click the ‘permalink’ and you will be able to zoom in and scroll around.


5 responses to “May 1st & Tromsø Trip

  1. Getting abstenance from your great blog! Please write something Jon.

  2. Karen Kearney

    Tomorrow, bring Sunday, should be at least a 3C&C day, don’t you think?

  3. Karen Kearney

    By the way, that looks like one mighty fine piano in the Nave!

    • Arctic Organist

      It’s a ‘Sauter‘. It’s nice, although just a bit bright for my taste – to date my favourite to play is the Steinway in Coastal Carolina’s recital studio, which is like playing velvet!

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