Around town, the snow is now largely gone and some gardens are pretty much completely clear.  The remaining snow is looking less than pristine: quite a difference from when I arrived.

As well as the remnants of snow being quite dirty, often what is revealed as it melts is also less than attractive. In honour of the Norwegian system of compound words, I have made up a new word. You may be familiar with the term permafrost (the frozen ground in arctic areas, often hundreds of feet thick, which never really thaws). Well my word is Premapoo. Compared to some ‘proper’ Norwegian words, mine would not win a game of Scrabble (try for example Konfirmasjonsgudstjeneste*)  Anyway, my word describes the frozen remains of ‘dog waste’ (or maybe it’s reindeer or moose?), that are exposed as the snow recedes. My guess is that in some places it will be covered again before it fully ‘biodegrades’, and will therefore last a very long time: hence permapoo.

It’s not very attractive (so no pictures), and there is a lot of it around, which is surprising as I haven’t seen many dogs here, or maybe it’s not so surprising if it’s permanent and therefore cumulative.

You may have heard the expression ‘Don’t eat the yellow snow’, which is good advice, but in light of recent revelations, the best advice might be ‘Don’t eat any snow – you never know what you might find!’.

I apologise to those who think this post is in bad taste. I promise I’ll come up with something more uplifting next. However , in my defense, I will say that I’m merely following in the footsteps of one of my teachers. A*dy *org*n (real name disguise to protect their identity) challenged the members of their Y**th Grou* to come up with something which could not be turned into a teaching point. So I will now take the  opportunity to redeem the situation, by segueing into a theological point: whatever is covered up in this life, will be exposed (see 1 Corinthians 4: 4 – 5). Our best attempts at cleaning ourselves up or masking our faults (sin) are futile in the eyes of the omniscient God. In order to stand before God, who is holy, we need to be cleansed from an external source – the blood of Christ, which takes away the sin of those who will trust in Him.

If you remember anything from this post, let it be omniscient:

  1. you can use it to achieve a higher scrabble score than permapoo,
  2. if you realize and act on the significance of this characteristic of God, you can take action to avoid a place where there will definitely be no snow!

* Konfirmasjonsgudstjeneste (Konfirmasjons Confirmation + Guds God’s + Tjeneste Service).


2 responses to “Permapoo

  1. David Collins

    You deserve a triple word score………….doubled for that one!
    D*v*d C*ll*ns

  2. Karen kearney

    Too funny! And of course, everything will pr ch! K r n K rn y

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