A Day Of Shining Radiance

I promised something more uplifting, so here goes:

This is the second time I have lived in a home with a sea view. In the US, I was privileged to have a short spell in a beach front house on Pawley’s Island, with palm trees, beautiful Atlantic sunrises and occasional passing dolphins. Now I live on a bay overlooking the Norwegian sea, with pine trees, the ever-changing light reflecting from the snow and water, and the possibility of a passing whale. Here is a map.

This morning I sat in the kitchen and worked on the mixes of a couple of songs. The view through the window, with the sun shimmering off the sea like thousands of diamonds, reminded me of one of the lyrics: ‘a day of shining radiance‘.

The song was written last December (Advent 3B) and the lyrics paraphrase three of the  Bible texts set for the day:

  • Isaiah’s vision of the new heaven and earth (verses). Isaiah 65: 17 – 25
  • Paul’s prayer for the church in Thessalonica, that they would be sanctified, that is, made holy (refrain).  1 Thessalonians 5: 12 – 28
  • The words of John the Baptist that he must become less and Jesus become greater (refrain). John 3: 23 – 30

The recording still needs some tweaks, but if you would like to hear it, click here.

I know a day is coming when You will right all wrongs:
a  day of great rejoicing, weeping, crying are all gone.
When there will be no hunger, no disease, no war or plague:
the old has gone, the new has come, creation is remade.

And, Father, while I’m waiting,
sanctify me through and through,
so at Jesus coming, I’ll be blameless before You.
I know that You have called me,
and You’re faithful to the end:
make more of You and less of me,
my Savior and my Friend.   

A day when we will all enjoy the labor of our hands.
The homes we build be bless’d indeed, with gardens of delight.
A day of shining radiance when the world will fully know
the reign of Jesus, King of kings, the glory of His throne.

Before we call, You’ll answer us; while we still speak,
You’ll hear. “The wolf and lamb together feed, the lion will eat straw.
Dust will be the serpent’s food and on My holy hill
destruction is forever gone,” say God, the great I AM.

You can also listen to the sermon for which the song was written, preached by Paul Fuener.

Now, I’m off to revise for a Norwegian test on numbers.


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