Little Organs

Today started, as it always does, at midnight.  I love the midnight light. Unfortunately at a little after midnight I was still up, but treated to this view. The water was unusually calm giving a good reflection.

Fridays are falling into a pattern of funerals. Today I played at the tiny village of Tennskjær, a beautiful 45 minutes drive from Finnsnes. The building is a kind of community centre and not owned by the church, but once a year our staff hold an Easter service, and we also conduct funeral there. Here is a map, and if you know how to use Google street view, turn around until see the mustard coloured building. I think the instrument there is the smallest I’ve ever played. It’s a Yamaha reed organ with an electric blow, and whilst very limited, it’s actually is fine for its use.

After the funeral I popped in to Rossfjord  Church to try the organ. This is a lovely single manual ‘positive’ pipe organ, 4 stops and 2 octaves of ‘pull down’ pedals.  The building has a real sense of history about it, although it seems almost as if it is ‘minaturised’ in length and width, but not height, so the pulpit which is almost at the height of the gallery seems an awfully long way up for most of the seats, especially the pew directly underneath it!

There are picture below, and a bit more information under the Organs tab.

I rounded out the day sharing Middag (the Norwegian midday meal which is served around 4.30!) with two young families, and of course coffee and desert. Technically today is 1.5C&C as I had a doghnut and coffee with staff after lunch.

This weekend I have 2 confirmation services and worship at Botnhamn.


One response to “Little Organs

  1. Love your posts and images, keep them coming
    May God bless your music ministry richly.

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