Don’t Tell Sarah

“Shh, don’t tell Sarah. ”

That was the message I got from several people as the snow started yesterday and then continued to come in waves, until this morning there was a good 6 inches! I had been warned that there might be occasional snow until June, but I think this caught many people slightly off guard as they had changed to ‘summer’ tires and the roads were quite slippy this morning and the way to church, for my final confirmation service this year with 26 confirmands. The car in the picture was buried up to it’s roof when I arrived in Finnsnes and it had almost been ‘released’ until last night. The snow on it’s roof shows how much feel yesterday. By thus evening, most of the snow had cleared.

This afternoon after a superb lunch (Middag at Middag) with coffee and cake, I was taken to play for a late afternoon service in Botnhamn on the island of Senja. It is a small and aging congregation, but we enjoyed worship together and then fellowship over coffee and cake. As we left the service, I was treated to my first sighting of reindeer: one of several domesticated herds on the island. The journey is beautiful and on the way back I took photos from the car.


2 responses to “Don’t Tell Sarah

  1. Martin a Vineyard farmer friend of mine told me at least for the East Cost don’t plant anything till you’ve paid the tax man. What is the start of planting season there?

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