Dugnad: Volunteering – Norwegian Style

This week is turning out to be very busy, especially with preparations for 17 Mai – Constitution Day. All over Finnsnes people are working hard to ‘spruce’ the place up from the mess left behind with the melt. So, the fire department have been out hosing down public areas to clear the sand and dust left from winter road treatments, almost every house has a rake in the garden clearing debris (pun intended), and many houses now have at least one tub with flowers in.

Today the church had volunteers to clean up the grounds. As you will see from the pictures volunteering Norwegian style has its benefits. Having said that, people did work hard and the place looks a lot better for it.

Spring is perhaps a little late here this year. I have been told that by 17 Mai the ice on the pond / lake in the centre of town has usually melted, and the trees are in leaf. Well, there’s still 24 hours to go, but the signs are not hopeful. However, the sun was shining today and we worked in shirtsleeves.

I felt bad abandoning the clear-up early, but I had an invitation for Middag and Coffee and Cake. Just before I left my hosts at about 8pm, the thermometer on their veranda indicated 17C in the shade (63f) – not bad.

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