Dugnad 2

This Sunday we have the 3F event in Finnsnes (Familie Friluftsliv Finnsnes = Family Outdoor Finnsnes). It’s run by the church as a way of building links to families in the community and is followed by family worship. This time there will be outdoor activities, including a treasure hunt at a local beach, which sounds great except for two things:

  • The weather forecast for high winds and rain
  • The Russ (final year school kids) had a party there on 16 May and left an enormous amount of litter, sadly including a lot of empty spirit bottles and beer cans.

For Norwegians the weather is not a problem – just wear the right clothes.

The rubbish issue was taken care of by volunteers (dugnad) – 4 men and 4 boys. We spent a couple of hours and from a relatively small area removed 6 big black sacks of paper, plastic, bottles, cans and broken glass. It looks much better, and despite cold rain and blustery wind, there was time for some fun too!

Last night was also the first night of 24 hour sunshine. Unfortunately clouds rather spoilt the view.

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