Arctic Elephant

Today the circus came to town and I was invited to go with a family. Merano’s apparently comes every year and it’s very popular, with a packed tent.

In the UK most circuses are almost or completely animal free. Not so in Norway, although there were less animals  than in previous years. The entertainment included juggling, various acrobatic acts (tumblers, a man who climbs a ladder, a man who does the apparently effortless flying thing with ribbons, comedy trampolining, etc) an excellent clown who held everything together, performing dogs, a man balancing on the back of a motor bike (he was immensely strong), performing camels, and . . . an arctic elephant.

I have to say, I’m not a fan of performing animals and I don’t know what kind of life it leads, but it must be very different here to it’s original home – where ever on earth that might have been. None the less it was a very enjoyable couple of hours, and an unexpected treat. The band who played all the way through also did an outstanding job.

I have a good friend in England who uses the rather colourful expression ‘Rarer than rocking horse poo’.  As we were leaving the circus, someone was ‘mucking out’ the elephant trailer. I did wonder whether to ask for a sample, because whilst I have no absolute proof, I suspect that arctic elephant poo must be almost as rare as the rocking horse’s. Maybe I could sell it on ebay!

Today was  also the last day there was snow in the garden outside my windows. When I went to work it was there was one small patch, but thanks to clear skies and sunshine, it was gone when I arrived home.

Sorry the circus pictures aren’t great.

2 responses to “Arctic Elephant

  1. Your blogs are wonderful – love them! Zella

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