Soloppgang Eller Solnedgang?

Sunrise or sunset? That is an interesting question here, because the vivid colours are continuous as the sun dips down and then begins to rise again – the only way to be sure is to checking the time!

We now have the sun for 24 hours, but because Finnsnes is surrounded by hills, we don’t see it for a short period because of the landscape. However, tonight / this morning I was treated to a wonderful view from the bridge linking the mainland to the island of Senja  (the water is part of the Norwegian Sea, and the vertical shaft of sunlight was real and not just camera-induced). The ‘pink mountains’ were pictures taken from where I live. The time was about 12:30 am, so technically these are sunrise pictures.

Maybe one day I will get bored looking out of the window, but not yet!


3 responses to “Soloppgang Eller Solnedgang?

  1. Spectacular pictures

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