Battle For The Crown

Receiving mail in Norway is a little more complicated than in the UK or US. It’s only delivered to people who are registered with the post office and have a mail box with their name on it. I grateful to my landlord who set mine up for me (within a few minute4s of mentioning it to him, I could here him in his workshop, sanding, varnishing and painting my name!).

The only letter I’m really interested in receiving at the moment is from the only people who have my address: the government department that give out Social Security numbers. Until that arrives I can’t get a bank account, can’t be paid, can’t buy a car, etc, etc.

However, rather than my coveted ‘personnummer’, all I receive is literature competing for the crown. Sorry to those of you who thought this post might be about the monarchy debate – it’s not. It’s just a bit of a rant about the quantity of junk mail here: the crown (or Krone) is the unit of currency here. Maybe it’s because there is no shortage of trees, but it does seem that the advertisers have moved into top gear for the summer, offering everything you could possibly need or want to improve your home, garden, personal appearance and waistline.

Maybe it’s coincidental timing, but in a country where most people have everything they need and most of what they want too (as typified by the junk mail overload), yesterday someone was asking, why would anyone think they need Jesus?

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