Breaking News . . .

Last week I made the local paper twice, and not in the crime section. The first time I had a cameo role in a picture for an article about the beach clean-up (see Dugnad 2).

Then on Friday a reporter came and did a double page spread about me! The interview was rather hurried as I was preparing to play for a funeral, but we got on well and he wants to meet again when Sarah and Susanna arrive.

Below is a Norwegian test for you. The picture version is not ‘editable’, so if you want to use Google translate, you will either need to type it in by hand, or open this  PDF version! There’s no prize, just the satisfaction of expanding your cultural horizons.

Sorry for the gap in posts, but it’s been a busy weekend – Pentecost (Pinse) is a big deal here and I will write more tomorrow.

Other news:

  • Sarah and Susanna left Georgetown today to begin their journey North. Thank you to everyone in Georgetown who has been looking out for them.
  • I’ve finished mixing the album and I hope it will be available at the end of this week!
  • It snowed again today! See below.

One response to “Breaking News . . .

  1. amelia marlowe

    I am enjoying all of this beautiful snow amelia marlowe

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