As I sat this evening watching yet another wave of snow head across the sea, I was trying to remember what it reminded me of. Then it came to me – HABOOB!

Haboob is not a Norwegian exclamation like ‘Eureka’, but rather an Arabic term for a desert sandstorm caused by strong winds (Arabic: هَبوب‎ “strong wind”). The only reason I know the word is that it came up in one of those ‘guess the definition’ games: it brings back memories of possibly the most laughter-filled evening I can remember, courtesy of good friends at Prince George.

I shall really miss those get-togethers, but it seems that the people there are now being sent to the ends of the earth. I am thankful for those times and for the teaching, prayer, ministry and worship at Prince George which have equipped us for where we are now.

It’s hard to appreciate from the pictures, but the slow swirling of the clouds of snow as they progress and envelope the landscape is beautiful. A true Arctic Haboob!

Finally, I really must remember to say Elk (Elg in Norwegian) and not Moose. I had almost the same problem as yesterday when one cross the road in front of us traveling back from a service today. ‘Oh look, a moose’ I said as the driver was slowing down for the elk. He then began looking for a small creature in the road.


3 responses to “Haboob

  1. Karen kearney

    It all looks very, very cold.

  2. Arctic Organist

    That’s because it was!

  3. Haboob – I don’t think I have ever seen a room of grown people giggle that hard again!

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