Glad To See The Back Of Her

Yesterday I went to Tromsø for a concert. I’ll post a lot of pictures from the journey tomorrow.

Whilst in Tromsø yesterday, he centre suddenly filled with police, and several military helicopters started circling overhead. This seemed odd for such a normally peaceful country, but enquiries revealed that USA politician Hilary Clinton had arrived for talks. Later (midnight), as we were walking to get the boat home, we were told she was about to leave the restaurant where they had been eating, so we waited and on leaving she decided to go for a walk. She was quickly surrounded by her entourage, but I did manage to get a quick photo from behind, hence the title Glad to see the back of her although I’m sure some US readers might attribute another meaning to it!

So, here are the Clinton pictures, and tomorrow will be scenic pictures!


3 responses to “Glad To See The Back Of Her

  1. Karen kearney

    Jon, you are keeping some very late hours! It must come with the sun!

  2. Arctic Organist

    Yes, I’m finding it hard to go to bed! Hopefully that will improve when Sarah and Susanna arrive and they will restore some normality. But it’s very peculiar being up at 2 or 3 am, seeing other people out and about, and not feeling very tired. The problem comes in the morning . . .

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