Here At Last

After nearly two months of being the ‘expeditionary force’, yesterday the cavalry arrived. Sarah and Susanna touched down in Bardufoss (our local airport) to what everyone here is describing as the start of the arctic summer: and just to prove it, we were bemoaning the lack of air-conditioning in the car on the way home to Finnsnes (although we are very grateful for the loan of a car for a few weeks!).

Today we attempted to get everyone registered with the local police, but there was a national problem with police computers (maybe would be a good day for a bank robbery 🙂 ) , so we will try again tomorrow, along with a trip for the ladies to Tromsø to meet Susanna’s prospective Euphonium teacher and apply for their personnummer s.  They’ve also met some of the church staff (Sarah impressed several with her Norwegian), played the organ (Sarah impressed me with her pedal work), toured the shopping establishments of Finnsnes, viewed an apartment for rent, and stayed up far too late because they too are confused by 24 hour sunshine (last night it was very bright).

Below are pictures of their arrival, first meal at my apartment (traditional meatball out of a packet), and coffee and cake on the veranda (note it’s 9pm at night and we are in tee-shirts).


5 responses to “Here At Last

  1. Y’all look so happy! Thankful that they made it their safely. How did you get that close to the airplane? Is there no airport security in Norway?

  2. Arctic Organist

    Yes, we’re glad to be together. What is airport security?

  3. Lyle Sapough, Murrells Inlet, SC, USA

    HOORAY, I am so glad you two are there safely. I am really enjoying the posts and Sarah, I KNOW Jon is thankful to have you there to help with the C & C :).

  4. Thanks be to God! Together again, safe and sound! I am so happy for you. What an adventure! I am really enjoying the posts and pictures. Keeps us feeling close! Much love to each of you!

  5. John E. Benson

    Glad you are reunited! In our thoughts and prayers at PG.

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