This has been a whirlwind week for Sarah and Susanna.

Thursday was a great success. Having failed to get them registered with the police on Wednesday due to a nationwide computer problem, on Thursday morning at 8.02 we were met outside the police station by a lady with their registration papers! That in turn facilitated the trip to Tromsø where they applied for social security numbers (probably still a month until they arrive), and Susanna met her new Euphonium teacher. Geir Davidsen teaches at the conservatory and has a ground breaking career as a teacher and soloist. On their return we enjoyed the final Torsdag Klubben of the season with a barbeque, live music and opportunity for Susanna to make new friends.

Friday included time to try the organ and piano in Finnsnes. We also got word of a very nice apartment for rent in the middle of Finnsnes, so we are please that we now have accommodation sorted for later in the summer.

Saturday was a bit more relaxed and in the evening we had people over for Coffee and Cake and a good opportunity for building more friendships.

Sunday was a special service at Rossfjord Church with the bishop, several clergy, a baptism, and a local choir. The organ is at the back of the church, upstairs on a gallery, and it’s impossible to see what is happening downstairs, so Sarah accompanied the choir on a keyboard at the front of church. This was her first opportunity to play and everyone was very impressed (and the choir sang well too!). After the service there was plentiful Coffee and Cake and another chance to meet people. Following a short break we were then off for Middag with some new friends, of course followed by more Coffee and Cake!

More of the week in the next post. Meanwhile, here are some pictures.


One response to “Velkommen

  1. How Nice! Glad you are settling in so nicely – and I am sure Sarah’s
    skills were much appreciated. Zella

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