Sørreisa, Tømmervik & Finnfjordbotn

On Monday Sarah and Susanna joined me for Norwegian class and the teacher was impressed with their understanding, thanks to a combination of their superior intellect, Pimsleur language CDs and the free NTNU Norwegian course.

Tuesday was another packed day. In the morning we had an outing to the neighbouring parish of Sørreisa. They were short of an organist for a funeral, so Sarah played for her first full service! Whilst we were there we also visited the larger church building at Tømmervik which has a very fine new organ. Sarah and I got to have a play. More details on the organs page.

In the afternoon, we visited Susanna’s new school, Finnfjordbotn vidaregåande skole, located about 5km from the centre of Finnsnes. Attractions include a music program and the Internatet (single room residential accommodation, complete with lounges, gym, music room, etc). The staff at the school were very helpful and Susanna is seriously considering living in: after all, she’s been away from mum and dad for a year!

Photos below of Tømmervik church and a view of the bay. Don’t forget, if you click on ‘permalink’ at the bottom right of the picture you can pan and zoom – especially good for the panoramas.


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