Chocks Away!

There were a number of expressions used in our home as I grew up, including ‘Tally Ho’ and ‘Wagons Roll’ (much to the annoyance of the teenagers in the house). One that I don’t recall being used, but has a similar ring to it is ‘Chocks Away!’.

When it came time for Sarah and Susanna to fly on to the UK for their summer holiday on Wednesday, the same minimal airport security which allowed me to get photos of them arriving, also allowed me to check the validity of said expression. The plane was indeed held in place by chocks, and I assume somebody must have said the words, because a man came to remove them just before the plane began to taxi.  However, the engine noise is incredible, so I didn’t actually hear what was said. In fact having experienced the sound of a small jet running up it’s engines, that was deterrent enough for me to stay well away from a plane, without the need for any security!

It’s been a busy and productive week, and we hope to finalise details of a job for Sarah in the next few days. But for now I’m on my own again, and everyone I met is very anxious to know if Sarah and Susanna liked it here, was it too cold for them, and will they come back? Initially I thought I would respond in Norwegian ‘Kanskje’ (maybe), but this got some very worried looks, so now I just say ‘Ja’.

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