A Small World

We’re constantly being told we live in a small and shrinking world.

Sarah and Susanna’s journey to England earlier in the week was also an object lesson in just how small a country Norway is (population not land mass). On the flight form Oslo to Manchester Sarah got talking to the passenger in the next seat. As they were preparing to ‘de-plane’, two ladies from the row in front turned round and told her they had been listening to the conversation. One was an organist who spent a year in the Finnsnes area, the other was the Anglican chaplain to Norway and knew our good friend here, Tracy Rishton. Even if walls don;t have ears, planes certainly do!

Last night I had supper with my landlord (upstairs). I showed them this blog and immediately they found lots of people they knew i the photos. They also told me about their moose (elg) trouble. This time it was not the name that caused the problem but it’s diet. Apparently they like strawberries, or at least strawberry plants, and last week they could only stand by and watch (and film) as a cow and her calf came into their garden and helped themselves! Very distressing.

And today I met with my new friend, fellow blogger and organist Christopher Briggs (he is also my predecessor at Finnsnes). It’s been great getting to know him, and tomorrow we plan to post pictures of our visit to the west of Senja. It also turns out that Dr George Pratt, my senior lecturer at Keele University for a couple of years, also taught Christopher immediately afterwards. As we say, it’s a small world . . .

5 responses to “A Small World

  1. Your blogs and photos are wonderful . Almost as good as being able to
    travel there! Zella

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