A Grand Day Out

Since coming to Finnsnes it has been great to get to know my predecessor, Christopher Briggs. He is a fellow blogger and yesterday Christopher took his 1 day his summer vacation in Lenvik, so we could meet and take a photographic tour. It was a long day for him (several hours of driving and a 2 hour ferry crossing each way), but enjoyable for both of us, especially given the warm sunshine, clear blue skies and no wind.

We kicked off with lunch at the Senjastua, and then Christopher took me for a tour of Senja, including some well known tourist ‘hot-spots’:

  • The observation platform overlooking Bergfjord
  • The ‘Devil’s Teeth’. A mountain ridge which looks like, well, the Devil’s teeth. The best place for photos is across the fjord on a rocky beach with reflecting rock-pools. In order to facilitate visitors there is a car-park, a special (but completely unnecessary designer foot path and matching restrooms).
  • Ersfjord beach, one of the few stretches of ‘proper’ sandy beach. From a certain angle, it could almost have been Pawley’s Island, SC! And it was apparently warm enough for swimming.

We rounded out our adventure with middag back at the Senjastua (on recommendation we had fish tongues and vegetables).

Today several people told me that we have had the arctic summer – and it was yesterday.

Because of the quantity of photos we took, I have put just a small selection below.  Christopher has kindly made all our pictures available for viewing by following these links:

Read Christopher’s account of the day, including his ferry crossings:

13 responses to “A Grand Day Out

  1. Jon, I want you to know how much we are enjoying your blog. Jimmy is intrigued with all the natural beauty and we thank you for sharing your adventures, as well as, your everyday routine.
    We sure miss all of you!
    God’s peace,
    Totsie Moore

  2. Missing you all terribly. So glad Sarah and Susie made it and are settling in. Such a gorgeous country. Love keeping up with things on your blog!


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