Black and White and Colour

As I finished writing last night it was clouding over. The light (as I keep writing) was amazing. Almost the entire view seemed to be black and white, except for a couple of patches of bright blue sky. The camera doesn’t really do it justice, but here a couple of pictures.


3 responses to “Black and White and Colour

  1. Hallo Jon and Sarah and Susannah! I could handle your cool “summer” weather! I am really enjoying the blog and the photographs–great vicarious travel! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! Martha Dudrow

  2. jacquie & roy edwards

    Hi Jonathan, Susannah and Sarah have shared a meal
    with us today ~ so lovely to see them both, and Sarah has given us your blog details. what an adventure it sounds and looks very beautiful. I said to Sarah it would be like being in ‘Northern Exposure’ the 1990’s tv series based in Alaska. Watch out for the mousses!! take care and will keep looking at your blog.

    • Arctic Organist

      Hi Roy and Jackie, good to hear from you, and thanks for looking after Sarah and Susanna. It’s now 8pm and at least according to the thermometer outside, it’s still 18C, so a good arctic summer day.

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