Midnight In The Mountains

On the way back from the last wedding in Rossfjord yesterday, I had many local sights pointed out to me. One of them was the transmitter tower on the top of Kistefjell (literally coffin mountain). I was told “it’s an easy walk on the road – about 2 hours up and an hour back”. That peeked my interest. Lots of locals have told me how good it is to be able to walk all night in the summer, so I decided to time a trip to be at the top around midnight, take some pictures and be home for a reasonable sleep before church.

Things were not quite as described. The dirt track (not road) is actually pretty steep in places and once I hit the snow line progress was much slower. The 3 hours round probably included the use of skis: I kept up a good pace and didn’t stop on the way up, but I recon it was at least another hour to the top.  I stopped around midnight, still some way short of the summit – I think I was at about 800m (2400′) of the 1000m (3000′). It was a bit frustrating to be able to see the summit and not get there, but progress through the snow was too slow for the amount of time I had. None the less the view was amazing and with no wind, it was really quite hot in the sun. I took photos, ate my banana and returned back down the track. The snow in places was still 6′ deep (look for the marker posts, buried almost to the top).

There were plenty of animal tracks in the snow, but despite being told it was a popular walk, no human prints but mine. The good news (Raleigh Pittman please note), is there were no signs of polar bears! Once I was back into the forest I spotted a fox which followed me for about 10 minutes, at a distance.

Below are some pictures. Today I also discovered some new, free software for making panoramas automatically in a few seconds (until now I have spent hours doing the by hand). It also allows the creation of 360 degree views on the internet, so here are links to a couple (opens in a new browser window, and you might need to follow the instructions for adding a small piece of software to your computer):


2 responses to “Midnight In The Mountains

  1. I will have to show this to Raleigh. He will be thrilled to know you still have all your parts.

    Wonderful photos! I enjoy your blog very much!

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