This week’s big news: I finally got a haircut.

I should have heeded advice and had one immediately before leaving the US, but I didn’t and have held off as they cost 400 – 500 NoK (approx $80!). Many men here have a ‘haircut machine’ (the type popular with armies) and I was contemplating taking the plunge, when one of my new friends gently told me I really needed to get me hair sorted and then offered to do it.

So, Tuesday evening I was treated to a new hair cut  experience. On the way to my friends apartment he popped into the shop for some food. Then when we arrived, he very carefully cut my hair. After the hair cut came the surprise – he cooked a fantastic meal for me! Truly a man of many talents and not the kind of service I have ever received before.

I know I now need a shave, but here is a self portrait:


One response to “Haircut

  1. I would sooner shave my head than pay 80$ for a haircut

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