Today was Pilgrimsvandring. As the word suggests,  this was a walk for pilgrims.

After worship at Rossfjord church (with coffee and cake in the church yard) we drove to Storli and parked. Then, right on cue, the rain started. Thankfully it didn’t last long and about 20 of us set off (well the truth is we would have gone anyway – as they say in Norway, there is no wrong weather, just wrong clothing).

It was a beautiful and fairly gentle walk, mostly through birch woods, and I enjoyed talking with some of the ‘pilgrims’. One friend in particular loves to provide his own rather inventive translations for me. For example a few weeks ago someone  told him they had an uncle who looked quite like him, including some facial features and his belly (I understood that much), and he then proceeded to tell me that he had just been told that they new the second most attractive man in the world. You get the idea . . .

When we got to Lenvick church (Bjorelvnes), there was time for coffee and hotdogs (care of a couple from church with a camper van). Then a short and informal family communion service.

Below are photos from the walk, and here are links to a couple 360 degree panoramas:


One response to “Pilgrimsvandring

  1. Thank God for rss and mobiles. Still ‘watching’ you!

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