View From The Top – Kisterfjell

Back in June I had a failed attempt at walking up Kisterfjell when I ran out of time, having planned to be there at midnight. This evening, along with a colleague from church, I made it to the top!

Kistefjell is (I think) the second highest peak in Lenvik Kommune, or at least on the mainland. There was  still some snow on the track which slowed progress a little, but the views when we got there were spectacular. Whilst the summit is at 1003m (about 3300 feet), from a distance the TV mast on the top makes it appear lower than it really is, because the master is 78m (about 255 feet). From sea level you assume that the mast is maybe 20 or 30 feet – it’s only when you have walked for 2 hours to get there and stand next to it you realise just how enormous it really is! Note the picture of the full tower, and then compare it with picture of Glenn stood at the bottom of it! Sadly it’s not possible to go up the tower for an even higher view.

From the summit you can see most of Norway’s second largest island, Senja (in the pictures the sun is above Senja) and beyond to the ocean. Looking the other way there are layers of mountains stretching inland at least 80km (50 miles) into the distance. Well worth the 18km (11 mile) walk.

Enjoy the pictures below, and also a 360 degree panorama from the summit.

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