The Smell Of Summer

The weather for the last couple of weeks has been rather disappointing – cold and quite a lot of rain. However, the flowers continue to bloom, and buddleja are everywhere, providing the ‘smell of summer’, with a beautiful fragrance, especially in the evenings. In England the buddleja is often called the butterfly bush and I had wondered whether we would therefore see butterflies this far north, and indeed we have – not the giant colourful tropical varieties, but delicate white.

For the observant who have correlated a drop off in posts with the arrival of Sarah and Susanna, it is partly the weather (not much to photograph) and partly an increase in busyness at work. We have had funerals, and weddings, and Sarah has begun as the other full time Kantor here in Lenvik (temporary until the end of the year) and playing her first full service tomorrow (a big occasion as it is the first anniversary of the  Oslo bombing and shootings in Utøya), whilst I will slip over the border to play in the next parish who currently have no musician. Then next week is Finnsnes i Fest (the town festival) for which I am playing at 2 events, so lots of practice and preparation are going on at the moment.

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