Out Of The Box – CD Finally Launched!

Not long before I moved to Norway, the contemporary music group at Prince George recorded an album of new songs. It took longer to finish than anticipated, but now it is finally released!

For anyone that has not visited Prince George, the title (in part) refers to the ‘boxes’ in which the congregation fit, and into which the band is squeezed. The boxed are numbered (the cover image is the door to number 2 – the band box) and were originally sold or rented to parishioners as a way of funding the church. Inevitably the wood work has acquired many ‘carvings’, courtesy of generations of young people – hence the font.

Full information can be found on the Prince George website and background information about the songs is here. The following is taken from the website, including details of how to get a copy!


Link to a PDF of the CD cover for 'Out Of The Box'An Album of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs

Out of the Box is a collection of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs written by Jon Blamire at Prince George Winyah Episcopal Church, and recorded by the worship group in 2012.

  • Download from  iTunes
  • CDs are available from the parish office for $10.
  • Sheet music can be downloaded free of charge in PDF format using the links below
  • CD booklet in PDF format can be downloaded here
  • Song lyrics and background information is here

Track list

Track Title Listen Score
1. King of Kings Sample PDF
2. Praise God in His sanctuary Sample PDF
3. Psalm 130 Sample PDF
4. Teach us Your way Sample PDF
5. Wash me Sample PDF
6. I trust in You alone Sample PDF
7. Rejoice in the Lord Sample PDF
8. Father, while I’m waiting Sample PDF
9. Come Holy Ghost (Veni Creator Spiritus) Sample PDF
10. Face down Sample PDF
11 Create in me a clean heart Sample PDF
12 Come Holy Spirit, make my heart Your own Sample PDF
13. Christ stretched out His arms Sample PDF
14. Amazing love, amazing grace Sample PDF
15 Take my life and let it be Sample PDF
16. Shout it from the rooftops Sample PDF

Looking out of the box


Prince George has a strong tradition of preaching from the Lectionary (a three year cycle of Bible readings). This creates a unique challenge for music directors to find appropriate music which fits the liturgical season, the readings and is appropriate to the congregation. For me, it led, under the leading of the Holy Spirit, to writing quite a lot of music.

The songs on this album are selected from over 80, and I pray that they will be a blessing to you, and find a wider application than the services for which they were originally written. The lyrics are a mixture of Bible texts and paraphrases, commentary on the Bible texts and existing lyrics. All the music is original. Thank you Andy Morgan & thank you band for your input!

I’m deeply indebted to the vestry, staff and congregation at Prince George for giving me the opportunity to develop this aspect of my ministry.

For Paul and Becky.
Without you and your love of worship, none of this would have been possible. Thank you!

Jon Blamire

About this recording

10 of the songs were recorded ‘live’ on a Saturday afternoon in February 2012, with the band squashed into our normal ‘box’ (hence the album title), using our new digital mixing desk (thanks to the ladies of the ECW). The other 6 are archive demo recordings from our regular Wednesday evening band practices, made using very basic ‘old technology’. Some vocals have been re-recorded in the studio (well in the music office!), and extra vocals and / or keyboards have been added to a few songs.

All songs are copyright of Jonathan Blamire and Prince George Winyah Episcopal Church, but are made available free of charge for use in worship. If you use the songs, we would love to know! If you want to record or publish them, please contact us for permission. All rights reserved.

Out Of The Box Musicians

John Stalvey – Guitar and Vocals
     – John you paved the way for contemporary worship at PG!

Duane Demello – Bass and Vocals
– What a musician!

Jeremy Vause – Keyboard / Vocals
– Georgetown’s own pop sensation!

Lauren Winslow – Vocals
– A solo at last.

Kitty Morgan – Flute / Vocals
–  The creative one.

Joey Pittman – Trumpet / Vocals – Trumpet lifts everything.

Susanna Blamire – Euphonium / Vocals
– The youngest member of  the team.

Troy Hight – Drums
– At just the right time . . .

Sarah Blamire – Piano / Vocals –
…… The other music director.

Jason Hamshaw – Vocals
– Your love for the Lord shines through your voice.

Jon Blamire – Bassoon / Whistle / Recorder / Keyboards / Bass / Vocals / Tambourine (!) 
– Just filling in.

In listing the musicians, I also want to honor those who have played with the band in the past, including Julie and David Oberst, Caroline Stalvey, Sally Lumpkin, Chelsea Hamshaw, Ruth Blamire, Drew Pittman, Pam Dickson  and the Gates family. Thank you all.

Recorded and mixed by Jon Blamire.

Mastered by Dave Aston at The Digital Audio Co.

One response to “Out Of The Box – CD Finally Launched!

  1. I love this so much! I gave my boss a cd and he loves it, too. It’s better than what I hear on the radio…miss you and the fam!


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