Great Reports

This week we’ve had some celebrations.

First, an update on last Sunday, when Sarah played her first service in Finnsnes as Kantor. I was playing in another parish, so I wasn’t around to hear her, but I did get back in time for coffee after church and everyone was very eager to tell me how well she had done, especially with the timing of the liturgical music, of which there is more here than is usual in either the Anglican or Episcopal church.

Then there is Hannah’s graduation. It really doesn’t seem so long ago that we were taking here to nursery on the back of our old tricycle, but this year she has finished her BA at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), and Sarah traveled back to England to be with her for the graduation ceremony. She got a very good 2.1 (only missing a 1st by 1 mark), and is already in demand from several theatre companies. Paul McCartney was on hand to congratulate her! In a sense this completes a 20ish year chapter, as I was involved as a consultant in some of the building work and then wrote the initial sound engineering course (although I still haven’t met ‘Sir Paul’).






And finally, today Susanna made her organ debut at an event we titled Være i stillheten (to be in peace). It was a bit like the Midday Musical Moments services we held at Prince George, but using Evening Prayer. It lasted an hour including about 40 minutes of ‘live’ piano and organ music, accompanied by images and video:

  • Moonlight Sonata (1st mvt) – Beethoven
  • Pavane – Faure
  • Pathetique Sonata (2nd mvt) – Beethoven
  • Schmücke dich (chorale prelude) – Bach
  • Engima Variations (selection) – Elgar

Susanna joined me as we played ‘Nimrod’ from the Enigma Variations to close the evening. She did really we – all the right notes, including the pedals – not bad after only a week ‘on the bench’! Again, everyone was very impressed – another organist in the family. Most people here have never experienced live music with video in worship and they really seemed to enjoy it, so hopefully there will be more opportunities for creativity. We also had the piano tuned today and it no longer sound like the worlds most expensive pub piano, so if the tuning holds, I will re-record the music and upload it with the videos to YouTube.


2 responses to “Great Reports

  1. Now that is a full blog! Wow – so much going on. Congrats to both Sarah and Susanna. You all never cease to amaze me

  2. And ,of course, congradulations to Hannah on her graduation

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