Making The Most Of The Sunshine

The weather in Finnsnes this summer is the worst for many years, with cool temperatures, cloud and rain most days for over a month now. Even the locals are complaining. However, the low cloud has given some nice photos.

On the odd occasion the sun has shone, it’s been good to get out. The lying thermometer on the veranda recently said 28c / 82f (although I was wearing a sweater when I took the picture) – so we ate lunch outside.

A few days ago we had a family walk up ‘Varden’ – the local hill. We didn’t have time to get all the way to the hut on top, but we had reasonable views over Finnsnes and Senja. Tomorrow so we might try to get to the top, although every day the forecast says it will be better the day after (if that makes any sense!).


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