A Beach Birthday

Susanna has just celebrated her birthday and the weather was much better (by local standards), so some friends invited us to join them for an afternoon celebration at the beach. 3 families set out for Bøvær beach, near Skaland on the west coast of Senja (about a 70km trip from Finnsnes). There was an initial false start when the Brits turned up in shorts, tee-shirts and flip-flops at the Norwegian house (that’s what you wear to go to the beach – right?), to be greeted by people in what appeared to be winter clothes. We decided to go home and change, respecting local wisdom.

Communication was interesting with the English family who spoke a bit of Norwegian, the Norwegian / German family (adults speaking good English too), and the Finnish / German family (adults also speaking good English). The children had German in common.

On arrival at the beach, the obligatory fire was started, and small children in wellies, over-trousers, coats, gloves and hats played on the sand and ‘paddled’ in the sea. We ate barbeque and cake (and sand), washed down with fresh brewed coffee.

The boys picked flowers for Susanna. It was a really relaxing afternoon, and it looked almost ‘Caribbean’ with white sand, turquoise sea, blue sky and sunshine – only the clothing give away the chilly wind. Despite much ‘daring’, no one went for a swim!

Whilst there we also saw several local landmarks, including the home of the prestigious Skaland music festival (the rather rickety looking ‘red shed’ on stilts over the sea) and the ‘twin peaks’ which always seem to have cloud swirling around them.

The trip home was spiced with a reasonably close encounter with an Elg (moose), wandering around the main road. Sadly we couldn’t get the camera out quickly enough for a picture.

Below are some pictures, and there are a couple of 360 degree panoramas:


2 responses to “A Beach Birthday

  1. Hello, Jon, Sarah and Susanna! It is so much fun to keep up with you through your posts. Your pictures are absolutelu beautiful. I would love to see it for myself. I have some Norweigen (sp?) in me on my mother’s side and have visited Oslo twice. We miss you so much! Take care and keep up the good work!

    ps – I bought Out of the Box yesteday and am enjoying it.

  2. I saw these pictures on facebook. Just breathtaking! Thanks for continuing to share

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