Varden 3

In a recent post there were pictures of our second family attempt on Varden – the local hill. This week we had our third attempt, and we would have reached the top had we not started to run out of daylight. It’s a walk with many possible paths, all up through the birch woods which are a characteristic of North Norway (at least at lower levels). We took a route on the sunny side, but with quite a steep drop off from the path, which isn’t really too bad, except for the distraction of the view across the sea to mountains of Senja.

Below are pictures. There’s also a partial panorama here.

This has also been a busy week, so look out soon for more posts and pictures as we try to catch up on family happenings.


3 responses to “Varden 3

  1. Hello to All,
    Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your photos and descriptions of Norway and news of the family. So glad to hear that you are adapting to your new home. Summer is winding down here; school begins in 4 days. Autumn is in the air and so are the mosquitoes. May God bless all of you. You are missed!

    • Arctic Organist

      Lovely to hear from you Doris. School starts here on Wednesdays, so big changes ahead for Susanna. Mosiquitos are about to make a blog appearance . . .

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