A New Light

About 12.30 last night I woke to a text message (SMS) from a friend, telling me the Northern Lights were visible. Whilst the Northern Lights exist year-round, it’s only possible to see them on clear nights when it is dark enough. At the moment it is still not completely dark at night, but last night the sky was clear and for almost half an hour we were treated to the dancing green lights. In my hurry to take pictures I forgot to use a tripod, so the images are a little blurry, but still capture some of the beauty. Video might be better for catching the movement, which is very graceful, so I hope to try that next time.


2 responses to “A New Light

  1. That is just awsome

  2. Wow! Awesome! We’re having a cold snap here. Tomorrows high is expected to be 79.

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