Catching Up

Things have got somewhat out of order, so here is a single post to try to iron out the kinks in time:

Sarah’s Birthday

Last week Sarah celebrated her 21st birthday again. Because her happy-go-lucky husband had gone on an impromptu camping trip she arranged her own barbeque. We were blessed with warm weather (at least in the sunshine) and used the communal picnic space and playground outside our apartment which was good as the guests included 4 very lively boys!

Sørreisa Stained Glass

We had an ‘extra curricular’ trip to play for an evening service in the neighbouring parish. The chapel reminds me a lot of the chapel at Keele University with bare brick walls and very characteristic woodwork, although in this case pine rather than limed oak. Perhaps the most eye-catching feature though is the stained glass above the communion table which was incredibly vivid as the afternoon sun poured through it.

The Purple Headed Mountains

Late last week we saw the return of the rose coloured late evening sunset light. Even though most of the snow has gone (so there is less to reflect the sky), the light reminded me of the line the purple headed mountains from the English hymn ‘All things bright and beautiful’. Also note in the panorama how each peak has it’s own private cloud – something which seems quite common here.

And That Same Evening . . .

In the opposite direction, there was a golden ribbon of sunset over the ferry terminal and sea to Senja. Photos below and interactive panorama here and here.

An Empty Nest (Again)

Finally for this post, Susanna started mainstream Norwegian high school this week. Having had a year away from mum and dad at the Govenor’s School for the Arts in South Carolina, she was keen to use the excuse of learning Norwegian faster and making friends sooner, to live in the school accommodation. So Monday to Friday, mum and dad can party all night without having to worry about keeping our baby awake (or we can go to bed like old people without being disturbed by our teenager).

She seems to have enjoyed her first week, making friends with a German and 2 Russians who are also living at the school, and already making plans for trips out.  I’m sure there will be much more to report, or you can contact Susanna direct for the whole story. Meanwhile, pictures of moving in to her new room are below.


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