First Snow

Last Sunday we had an outdoor service at Bjørvelnes as part of a special weekend there. The drive out was not promising, as the light rain turned to a downpour and the wind increased significantly: not good for an electronic keyboard and music printed on paper.

Thankfully, on arrival we found we had been moved into a couple of marquees attached to a pier behind the tobacco kiosk, over the sea, which for the rest of the weekend had functioned as a beer tent and entertainment venue. Still, at least it was out of the rain.

We improvised liturgical furniture, and I think it’s the first time I’ve seen beer barrels used ‘in church’. About 35 people came  and despite being able to see your breath, we enjoyed warm worship.

After the outd0or service, it was on to the actual church building for 3 baptisms and some welcome warmth. On the way I noticed we had our first snow after the summer, albeit above about 1500′ (500m).

In the afternoon it was 3F (Familie Friluftsliv Finnsnes kirke) – an outdoor activity group to encourage family participation in the church. This week they had organised canoeing on Finnsnes Vann (the ‘pond’), followed by camp fire cooking and a special family service to celebrate the start of the school year. It was an informal service and even included a canoe in the opening procession!

The new church band also debuted at the service, leading the music beautifully. We decided to make a gentle start, so 4 part harmony vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and euphonium (or as Susanna has to keep explaining – det er lika en liten tuba).

And of course, the service was rounded off with coffee and cake.


2 responses to “First Snow

  1. I once attended a new church which temporarily used the neighborhood
    bar for Sunday School services. God is everywhere. zella

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