Finnsnes Anemometer

The Norwegians, like the English, are reasonably weather-obsessed.

You know this for certain when they install a town anemometer. In the case of Finnsnes, it is in the middle of Finnsnes Vann (the town pond / lake), and it’s cunningly disguised as a water fountain. Clearly you need a little local information to calibrate and read it, but then you realize just how much better it is than the traditional cup / weather vain combination, because with this one device you can establish both the direction and speed of the wind.  So for example, in the first picture, there is a moderate wind blowing due west, and in the later ones it is cold, blustery and due east. If you stand at the end of the pond and get wet, you will know that:

  1. It is blowing hard and in your direction OR
  2. It is raining (and possibly the wind is in your direction) OR
  3. You are stood under the lamp post where the seagulls are nesting, at just the wrong moment.

However, for the last month, you can discount number 3 because the seagulls have all gone.

Also note the back-up system in the form of a small Norwegian flag on the ‘island’ in the water. Better safe than sorry . . .

4 responses to “Finnsnes Anemometer

  1. Your imagination never ceases to amaze me!

  2. Your imagination never ceases to amaze me!

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