Living under a cloud

I’ve written before about the strange phenomenon of mountains having their own ‘private’ clouds. This was particularly noticeable last week over the mountains of Bardu (1st picture) which appeared to have grown a ‘cotton wool’ covering -almost like bad 70’s wigs! However there was just one which remained ‘bald’.

On Sunday morning the clouds covered the mountain tops again, and this time when they cleared they revealed ‘dandruff’ (well snow, but I’m carrying on the hair metaphor). Photos 2 – 4 were taken on my drive out to play at Rossfjord church on Sunday morning, and you can see the snow just revealed under the clouds, the yellowing autumn trees, and still bright green ‘summer’ grass. Photos 5 – 8 are from Fjordgård where I played on Sunday afternoon, with a back-drop of spectacular mountains and jagged peaks. The remaining pictures are of Kisterfjell (our local peak in Finnsnes) with it’s distinctive 250′ TV tower, and now snow. Viewed from Gibostad on Senja, it also seems to have a huge natural ski-run.

The snow has proved a good deal more persistent than last time, and today, 3 days later, most of it is still there. Despite today being warm(ish) and sunny, locals are saying it’s the start of winter. We will see . . .

2 responses to “Living under a cloud

  1. Great for winter sports – I bet the skiers are excited! Beautiful pictures. Zella

  2. Yes, the skiers wait in anticipation. They say here that there are 9 months of good skiing and then there is the summer!

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