Sunday Snow

It only seems to snow on Sundays! At least that’s the conclusion we’re coming too, as yet again the high peaks were white this morning.

Today was Sarah’s ‘free Sunday’, so we were able to play together. In the morning we went to Gibostad Kappel for a full family service (4 year olds were invited and given a book, there was a baptism, and the ‘confirmands’ from the village were presented to the congregation and received their course book). The organ in Gibostad is tiny and not entirely suitable for some of the all age worship songs we used, so we also took a keyboard and ‘dueted’, which helped to lift the singing.

The journeys were lovely too (photos below and also panorama here). Our local council has very kindly put out red poles along the road so we could find our way home more easily (some locals have tried to imply a more sinister meaning “they’re so you know where the road is in deep snow”, but we think they’re probably just joking with us).

This afternoon we led the music for a family service in Finssnes, with the Kirke Bandet (church band). It was fun to be able to mix organ, piano, keyboard, guitar and bass.


This evening I also got to ‘debut’ my  EWI (electronic wind instrument). I was able to buy this with part of the very generous gift we received from our friends at Prince George. The EWI is played like a traditional wind instrument, but it does not make any sound of it’s own: instead it is used to control synthesizers and samplers, allowing me to play pretty much any sound imaginable. Today I ‘played’ the tenor sax which was great fun, especially in the song ‘Du er Hellig’ which has a real ‘Latin’ feel to it:

Du er hellig. Du er hel.
Du er alltid mye mer
enn vi noen gang forstår.
Du er nær oss nå.
Velsignet være du,
vår Herre og vår Gud.
Din velsignelse på jord
blir til brød på vårt bord.
Du er hellig. Du er helhet.
Du er nærhet.
Hele kosmos lover deg!
Hosianna, hosianna, hosianna,
hosianna, vår Gud!

You are holy. You are whole.
You are always much more
than we ever understand.
You are close to us now.
Blessed be You,
our Lord and our God.
Your blessing on earth
becomes bread on our table.
You are holy. You are whole.
You are near.
The whole cosmos praises you!
Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna,
Hosanna, our God!

Thank you all.

One response to “Sunday Snow

  1. The “locals” are telling you the *truth*.

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