Rossfjord Autumn

For some reason the colours in Rossfjord seem much more intense than Finnsnes. This was true in the summer (the greens were greener), and now the oranges and reds of autumn are also more striking. And, having commented on the sudden disappearance of the summer wild flowers, today I spotted a ‘new’ late flowering plant (looks a bit like a yellow cow-slip). I played for two funerals today, and took some pictures on the journey.  There is a panorama here.

This evening was happier, with the start of our second ‘super-helg’. This is a kind of jump-start kick-off weekend for young people beginning confirmation classes in the church. Susanna joined them as a leader on the pilgrimswandering (a rather rainy two hour walk in the forest with stops for prayer and bible lessons), followed by a short candle-lit worship service and pizza. In total about 120 young people are involved and this weekend 69 of them are attending. The ‘stone cross’ in the picture has a candle for each one of them.

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