No we haven’t gone pagan, but we are now in the time of year when the light is fading fast. For a very good explanation, read my colleague Christopher Briggs’ blog. Even a thousand kilometers south it is being noticed (see the bottom of Tim and Tracy Rishton’s September 2012 page).

Here the sun is now not even reaching 45 degrees at midday and the nights are beginning to draw in quickly. Saturday evening we had our first proper drive in the dark and it takes some getting used to having not done it since the spring.

On Sunday I played out at Lenvik church in the morning (on the mainland, near Finnsnes) and from a distance it looked like we had forest fires, with the oranges and red of the trees plus low wispy cloud. In the afternoon I played at Lysbotn Kappel on Senja. I love the journey to the outer chapels and one fascinating corner puts the road between the sea and a lake, almost on a causeway.

Here are some pictures – it was rather cloud so the colours are less intense:

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