The Other Side Of Rossfjord

The valley of Rossfjord begins with a river, which becomes a fresh water lake which in turn empties into the sea via a  small river. The main road runs down one side of the valley and then divides just before the river enters the sea. Because it’s the main road, that’s the route we have always taken, but yesterday it was closed for repairs, forcing me to drive the minor route on the other side of the valley with new perspectives. The road surface is really terrible and the beautiful views make it even more dangerous!

On the outward journey the skies were cloudless, but there wasn’t time to stop for pictures. However, the return journey was a little more relaxed and despite gathering clouds in the distance, the sun was still strong. Even though it was after midday there was a lot of ‘hoar’ frost, and several smaller ponds are beginning to freeze.

4 responses to “The Other Side Of Rossfjord

  1. Stream and freshwater lake? I don’t think so, Jon. You are talking about the *fjord*. They go many miles inland, and are *sea*. That is what distinguishes Norway from other places. Sognefjord, for example (your “stream and freshwater lake”) goes 200 kilometres inland. See What you are looking at may look like a stream, or a lake…. but I assure you it is the sea.

  2. I take that back, Jon! I have just checked this, and Rossfjordvatnet is very interesting. It is indeed classified as a “lake”, but what is special about it is that it is BOTH fresh water and salt. Only the surface waters are fresh – deeper down it’s salt!

  3. Such a beautiful place! I want to see some photos of the actual roads you have to drive to see how they compare to where I grew up in the mountains of Kentucky. (which look more like “hills” compared to Norway’s mountains!) At least you don’t have to compete with coal trucks on narrow 2 lane roads! Ha, ha!

  4. Arctic Organist

    Leah, we don’t have coal trucks, but I did meet an articulated truck (18 wheeler) on the way home, and the road is barely 1.5 lanes so it involves a little off-road driving).

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